5 Foods for clean teeth and fresh breath

Diligently brushing your teeth is one way for a better oral health and freshness to be maintained. But you can also enjoy food that clean your teeth and make breath fresh as quoted from Care2 below.

Chew on celery sticks and feel the fibers of raw vegetables. Chewing celery is a good exercise for gums. Saliva will also be produced more to clean the mouth

Pears and apples
Natural sugar from pears and apples help you have healthy teeth and gums. Chewing pears or apples also gives positive impact because both are rich in antioxidants and healthy nutrients.

Essential oils
Essential oil obtained from the distillation of fruit, seeds, leaves and roots of plants. You can mix a few drops of essential oil into the warm water and use to rinse. These are powerful to relieve inflammation of the gums, preventing bacteria that causeĀ  cavities and freshen your breath.

Cheese contains milk protein called casein that strengthens tooth enamel protection. Cheese is also low acid and sugar but high in calcium. In addition to delicious, cheese can clean teeth and fresh breath.

Finally, food for clean teeth and fresh breath is yogurt. Just like cheese, yogurt is rich in casein and calcium. Another good side of yogurt is that it can improve digestion and nourish the body as a whole.

Those are the variety of foods that you can enjoy if you want to have clean teeth and fresh breath. Do not forget to remain diligent in brushing your teeth after meals and before bed.

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