Advanced Toothbrush With Data Storage

To maintain healthy teeth, experts recommend regular checkups to the dentist every six months. This action is done in anticipation of serious tooth decay and even cardiac health problems. Yet many of us ignore this, preferring only to brush teeth as hygiene protection.

Various designs of toothbrush are created to provide comfort while you are brushing your teeth and for people to be able to choose the right toothbrush for them. Just like this following toothbrush. This toothbrush is designed with ultra modern technology. Connected to an android-based smartphone application and the iPhone, via Bluetooth.

The smartphone application is designed to provide information about how often you brush your teeth, how long you take to clean your teeth and mouth, and teeth brushing tips that really fit your teeth and mouth conditions. This toothbrush will also remind you when is the right time to brush your teeth. Whats more interesting about this toothbrush is that it also allows you to listen to music while brushing your teeth.

The toothbrush was designed by a company named ‘Beam’. Beam CEO, Alex Frommeyer, said that the idea was hatched because many of us are not aware of any changes that occur after we brush our teeth.

“No one knows what changes happens after we brush our teeth, everything looks usual.” While the existing sensors on the toothbrush can collect data on tooth. And if the technology is activated, it will react to the body’s bioelectricity.

This toothbrush will also store data about all the teeth brushing activities, like how a doctor store your personal data. The plan is this brush will be marketed at a price of $50. Currently Beam is developing this application using an iOS-based technology.

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