Preganancy Tips for Women in their 40s

Many women nowadays choose to delay their pregnancy. In fact, there are also some women who decides not to have kids at all. There are many factors that influence these decisions.

For some women, they are just not emotionally ready to have children. Other women feels the financial burden if they have a child. While, other women have psychological problems when deciding to have children or not.

What is quite interesting is that the women who decided to delay their pregnancy, finally feels ready to have children when their age had reached 40 years old. But of course, seeing from the age factor alone, they would find many obstacles to be able to have children.

One of the biggest challenge for them concerns their fertility. Their decision to have a child when they are already in their 40s means that they face a problem of low fertility rate in their age.

You may already know that people’s fertility levels will decline as they get older. In this case, you must know that a woman’s fertility level tends to decline after they reach the age of thirty. So it is clear why women have low fertility rate when they reach the age of forty.

A women’s fertility decline is unavoidable, all women indeed will experience this some time. That is why many women choose to immediately have children when they are still in their productive age. The decline of women’s fertility level itself can be caused by various reasons, for example because of irregular menstrual cycle, uterine fibroids, uterine wall thickening, etc.

But women who decided to delay their pregnancy also still has a chance to have a baby. It is not impossible for women in their 40s to get pregnant in that age despite the obstacle they need to face as a result of their age. There some methods that these women can follow to reach their dream of having children.

Well, according to Boldsky, there are some natural ways to increase female fertility in their 40s. Lets not waste more of your time and get straight the provided tips below.

 1. Watch what you eat

Diet is the key to a healthy body. You should always watch what you eat if you want to have a healthy and productive body. Not only concerning weight, diet will also affect your fertility rate. There for, women who are in their 40′s and want to get pregnant should consult with a nutritionist about what type of diet is proper diet and healthy for your age. The goal here of course is to increase your fertility level. You should know that a good diet is the best way to increase fertility naturally. From seeing your daily diet, nutritionists can easily identify deficiencies of vitamins or minerals that you may need to increase your fertility level.

2. Body weight

There is relation between someone’s body weight with their fertility level. Weight problems will affect one’s fertility rate. For women who are planning to get pregnant in their 40′s, body weight will certainly become a problem because women tend to gain more weight with age. This condition certainly will make them vulnerable to a variety of fertility problems.

3. Reduce stress

The mind is connected to the body. A healthy mind will also help your physical state to stay healthy as well. There for it is important for women who plans to get pregnant in their 40′s to maintain not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. Women in their 40s who are planning to have children should always reduce activities that could make them feel stressed. There are some simple ways that they can do to get a peaceful mind which is free from stress. They can try practicing meditation or by simply go for a walk to calm their mind and reduce stress.

4. Regular intercourse

Women in their 40′s who want to get pregnant should perform sexual intercourse regularly. This is an important step for them in their effort to get pregnant. They should try to have sexual intercourse regularly to get pregnant faster. The reason behind this recommendation is that male sperm is believed to be able to increase the level of female fertility, which in line will increase women’s chance to get pregnant.

5. Avoid certain substance abuse

Thus fifth tips is certainly the most important thing that women should pay attention to. It is very important for them to avoid bad habits which could destroy their fertility. Women needs to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs if they want to get pregnant. There certain drugs to avoid during pregnancy.

Well, women in their 40s should at least try these simple tips to boost their fertility. This will help them get pregnant faster and hopefully give birth to healthy babies.

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