4 Signs that a child has to wear glasses

Lately more and more children and even toddlers wear glasses. This suggests that parents should begin to pay more attention to to the vision health of their children from an early age.

According to Dr. Mel Fiderman, kids will give some signs that they need an eye test. Some of the signs will provide guidance to you when children begin to need glasses, as reported by The Stir (28/02).

1. Standing or sitting too close to the television.
Most toddlers like to stand near the television because they are attracted to lights and want to touch the TV. But notice when your child is trying to stand or sit closer to the TV as needed, or because they want to see the picture more clearly.

2. Coloring too close
Not only television, when they are coloring or writing, notice how they do it. Children who require eye tests often writes and colors with the face or head too close to the paper. This is done because they want to see the words or pictures they are coloring better.

3. Frequent squinting
Does your child often squint when looking at something or when looking at a bright light? This is a clear sign, but often parents rarely notice this. When it is difficult to see many children will likely narrow their eyes.

4. Testing with a game
When you are not sure if the signs above really shows that your child needs glasses, you can do an experiment with them. It’s easy, you simply invite them to a game. Suppose read from a distance, and so on. That way you can find out without making them feel afraid.

Eye and vision health is one aspect that must be considered by parents early on. By knowing the signs on top from the start, parents can provide the best health care for children.

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