5 Meaning of dreams that are often experienced by men

Do you remember the dreams that you experienced? Recently, researchers managed to find five types of dreams that are most often experienced by men. Not only that, Gillian Holloway, author of The Complete Dream Book is also able to read the meaning of dreams that are often experienced by men. What are they? Here’s the list, as reported by Shine!.

1. Intimate dreams
If a man dreams of cheating or close to another woman, usually he is interested in the non-physical qualities of the woman. These non-physical things could be the spirit, courage, or ambition of them woman. If a man had a dream to meet someone who he has never met in the real world, he could be seen carried by sexual fantasies in the real world. Usually what he does with everyone else in the dream is the thing he wants to do with a partner.

2. Chased
Dreaming of being chased means a man is stressed out by something. But this does not mean he’s running away from it. While the person or thing chasing him may be a symbol of what motivates him or what pushes him in a particular direction.

3. Falling
Dreaming of falling means a man is was tired and is losing control over himself. It could be that he is struggling with work or in his private life.

4. Studying for exams
Surprising, because this kind of dream is more common in men who had graduated from college and work. Dream of studying for exams could signify perfection. Usually this is a symbol of the desire or ideals are very high desired by men.

5. Late for an event
Dreaming of being late when going to a particular event indicates that men are feeling insecurity. He feels everyone was striding ahead of him. This dream indicates that he feels he has been left behind, both personal and achievement.

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