5 Ways to avoid eye strain caused by computer screen

Do you often get tired eyes after looking at the computer too long? In some cases, your view could even become blurred. If you do not want that to happen again, consider how to avoid eye strain caused by looking at the computer screen as quoted from the Third Age below.

The right position
Make sure the distance between the computer monitor or laptop to your eye is 50-100 centimeters. Do not adjust the distance of the eye closer to the screen if the font is too small to read, but try to change the size of the letters.

Sometimes, the light of a computer screen or laptop also makes it easy to cause eye strain. So you should adjust the lighting on the screen. Also, make sure the room is not too dark or bright.

Cleaning the screen
Do not be lazy to clean the screen of your computer or laptop. Because the dust on the screen also affects the eyes.

Keyboard position
Place the keyboard right in front of you, not too high or too low. If it’s not right, not just the hands and arms that will feel tired, your eyes will also be tightened.

Object placement
If you are copying something, like typing an essay of a book, be sure to put the objects not too far from the screen. This will help the eye when changing focus from one point to another.

So, those are a number of ways to avoid eye strain caused by looking at a computer or laptop for too long. Good luck!

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