Citronella Oil: Repel Insects, Pain & Stress!

As a concentrated shape of antioxidants and phytochemicals taken from the plant’s stems and leaves, citronella oil has been used for centuries in China, Indonesia and Sri Lanka to help decrease rashes, inflammation — the foundation of most illnesses — infections, pain and different fitness situations.

Citronella oil comes from the Asian grass plant called Cymbopogon nardus. It’s maximum commonly used as a natural fragrant oil, in insect repellents, as well as in beauty, family and fragrance products.

in step with dozens of scientific research, pure citronella oil is an antiseptic, antimicrobial and antifungal treatment. The most famous use for citronella is as a constituent in selfmade or commercially offered insect repellents, since it naturally repels mosquitos and other bugs. The U.S. Environmental safety business enterprise considers citronella to be a “biopesticide” that has a dependable mode of motion towards insects.

because it fights infections, micro organism and fungi, historically it’s additionally been used to sanitize surfaces and treat bites or parasites.

benefits of Citronella Oil

Citronella oil – Dr. axe
in step with diverse studies investigating the consequences of these compounds, citronella oil has been shown to have the subsequent advantages:

certainly repels insects
Fights loose radical harm
Fights bacteria and fungi
Reduces infection
Promotes relaxation
Fights respiratory infections
supports digestive/intestinal health
Relieves muscle ache
enables control pets’ conduct
these days, there are more than 30 species of Cymbopogon grown wildly all through components of the world and used in Southeast Asian cooking and teas. There are two number one kinds of citronella used to create natural citronella oil: the Java kind and the Ceylon kind. both in the beginning come from components of Asia, mainly grassy regions of Sri Lanka. In terms of smell, advantages and makes use of, citronella oil is associated with lemongrass critical oil and a few other citrus oils.

Ceylon citronella is acquired from the Cymbopogon nardus Rendle plant and has the subsequent energetic elements: geraniol (18 percentage to twenty percent), limonene (nine percent to 11 percent), methyl isoeugenol (7 percentage to eleven percentage), citronellol (6 percent to 8 percent) and citronellal (five percentage to 15 percent). It has a fragrance similar to citrus fruits, timber and cinnamon.

The Java type is similar and derived from a associated species referred to as Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt. Java citronella’s lively ingredients encompass: citronellal (32 percent to 45 percent), geraniol (11 percent to thirteen percent), geranyl acetate (3 percent to eight percent) and limonene (1 percent to four percentage). Of the two kinds, Java is thought to be more powerful, and therefore it’s normally greater highly-priced. It has a darker colour and “more energizing” heady scent just like lemon and lemon essential oil. Of citronella’s energetic elements, the three which are most researched and valued consist of citronellol, citronellal and geraniol.

each varieties of citronella oil have tremendous makes use of, such as pressure discount, antibacterial or antiseptic action, and skin rejuvenation. Citronella crucial oil is one of the maximum common aromatherapy oils and is a part of what gives many family sprays and candles their signature scent. additionally it may be used as a food additive for taste and maintenance, so that you can once in a while discover it in liquids, dairy products and cakes.

11 Citronella Oil uses

1. All-herbal Insect Repellent
Citronella has been registered as a gentle, plant-primarily based insect repellent inside the united states when you consider that 1948. It has even been shown to repel risky Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which might be able to spreading “dengue fever.” It’s also effective for helping to save you frame lice, head lice and flies.

according to a few research, you need to reapply citronella oil about each 30–60 mins for its trojan horse-repelling results to ultimate. you may integrate several drops with coconut oil and unfold it in your frame like lotion, or add some to a spray bottle with water and cowl your pores and skin, hair and clothes. applying natural citronella oil directly to the frame is considered more powerful for combating insects than citronella candles are.

2. anti-inflammatory and ache Reducer
because of its antioxidant residences and ability to increase blood drift, citronella is used as a herbal arthritis treatment, in particular related with reduced pain associated with orthopaedic troubles like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. combine numerous (two to a few) drops with a carrier oil like coconut oil and rubdown it into swollen joints, tissue and muscular tissues, or soak in a warm bathtub of citronella oil to lessen swelling and pain.

three. Relaxant and strain Reducer
usually used to manipulate emotions in aromatherapy, it is able to help relax your thoughts and contribute to reduced pressure reactions and higher sleep for folks who can’t sleep. strive diffusing citronella oil in your home, massaging it into skin or spraying it onto your bed sheets.

four. Digestive useful resource
Citronella helps support the digestive organs by decreasing infection and assisting with detoxification and cleaning of the liver, stomach and intestine. sure compounds prevent the boom of bacteria in the digestive tract and might accelerate recovery of illnesses and wounds. It’s also capable of killing organisms (parasites or worms) in the small and huge intestines.

For protection against leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune ailment, infections of the colon, urethra, bladder, gastrointestinal tract, prostate, and kidneys, very small doses of citronella oil may be ingested (see greater safety facts on makes use of underneath).

5. cleansing Enhancer
As a type of herbal diaphoretic and diuretic agent, citronella can increase sweating and urination that draws pollution out of the frame. drinking a combination of one to 2 natural citronella crucial oil drops, uncooked honey and lemon with hot water can enhance removal of extra fats, sodium, uric acid and toxins.

Citronella oil infographic – Dr. awl

6. herbal perfume or Room Spray
as it has a clean, fresh heady scent just like lemon or lemongrass, citronella is a not unusual aspect in soaps, candles, incense, perfumes and cosmetics. you may deodorize the scents in your property, dishwasher, fridge and laundry machine by diffusing citronella or walking a totally small amount through a cycle of your family home equipment.

7. Muscle Relaxant
when it comes to dealing with cramps, swelling and ache, citronella can help enhance blood flow that lowers muscle spasms and tenderness. strive massaging citronella oil combined with a service into sore muscle tissues or onto the abdomen whilst dealing with PMS cramps.

8. Kitchen cleaner
tested to have robust antifungal and antibacterial properties, citronella can assist easy kitchen, bathroom or family surfaces with out the want for harsh chemicals. due to its compounds, such as methyl isoeugenol, it’s powerful for reducing food-born pathogens and even risky bacteria.

9. natural pores and skin Care remedy
aside from preserving away worm bites, studies indicates citronella also can help heal dermatitis, certainly treat eczema, gradual skin growing older, heal malicious program bite scars and treat a few fungal infections on the skin. It complements penetration of pores and skin and hastens wound healing, which might be beneficial for remedying pimples, casting off warts, treating boils and restoration age spots.

it could additionally assist pores and skin seem younger and smoother or even block harm finished from solar publicity. add a totally small quantity to coconut oil and massage it into the face, or attempt adding one to 2 drops to your shower or facial wash. As an smooth-to-make home remedy for pimples, strive dabbing one drop of pure citronella critical oil on blemishes 3 times a day, however make sure you use a sterile cotton swab.

10. puppy Controller
although it might sound abnormal, citronella oil is effective in calming barking dogs and might also be used on furniture to help maintain your pets off. As a bonus, whilst you spray citronella in your furniture or linens, it keeps them loose from micro organism, pests and odors. upload numerous drops to a spray bottle together with water, shake it up, and spray it during your property and on family objects.

11. herbal Shampoo and Conditioner
one of the maximum popular uses for citronella oil is cleansing and conditioning the hair and scalp. it may assist dispose of excess oil and greasiness of hair at the same time as additionally preventing dandruff and adding shine. Many humans locate it provides extent to hair, detangles knots and allows shield hair color from solar damage.

upload numerous drops in your shampoo or conditioner, or strive making your personal selfmade recipe the usage of a cleansing oil like coconut oil, which additionally advantages hair.

Citronella Oil studies and studies

The lively substances in citronella oil verified to have pores and skin-saving, stress-combating, micro organism-preventing houses include: citronellol, geraniol, linalol (linalool), citronellyl formate, citral, myrtenol, terpineol and methone. an extended list of studies have shown high-quality consequences of either some of these man or woman components or numerous utilized in aggregate collectively.

Like many citrus crucial oils, citronella consists of compounds that combat unfastened radical damage and help opposite oxidative strain. A 2000 overview posted within the journal of Agricultural food Chemistry studied 34 distinct citrus vital oils and their components for radical-scavenging sports. They found that many citrus volatile components, along with the principle type found in citronella referred to as geraniol, had excessive antioxidant talents for decreasing irritation and cell harm.

research indicates that citronella’s geraniol additionally has robust antihelminthic activity, which means that it successfully expels parasitic worms, insects and leeches from the body by using both lovely or killing them without inflicting any damage to the host. that is precisely the purpose that citronella is used to save you each inner and external infections and ailments.

In research concerning the outcomes of psycho-aromatherapy using citronella, citronella has been proven to assist humans input relaxed moods with better manipulate over poor feelings. when inhaled, citronella offers the delight of relaxation, invigoration and pleasant reminiscences. it can function a herbal and safe transient treatment for tension, stress, problem dozing and melancholy.

studies indicates that certain lively elements in citronella are even effective for reducing stress reactions and pain in pregnant women. A 2014 clinical trial study conducted by way of Iran university of scientific Sciences determined that tension scores have been appreciably lower in pregnant women after undergoing a ten-minute inhalation and foot bath with rose essential oil that carries lots of citronella’s identical lively elements.

in the course of pregnancy, hard work and childbirth, tension, worry, strain, and pain are elevated; but, lively ingredients in citronella — such as geraniol, nerol, linalool and phenyl ethyl alcohol — can decrease anxiety via as much as 70 percent in keeping with the studies results.

Citronella Oil Recipes

Taken from my critical Oils manual, here are several strategies for properly the usage of citronella oil at home:

Aromatically: you may diffuse the oil in your home or outdoor similar to a candle the use of a diffuser. To make a herbal room freshener, put a few drops of oil together with water right into a spritzer bottle. you may additionally inhale the oil at once by sniffing it.
Topically: before applying citronella oil in your skin, it should be diluted with a provider oil, like coconut or jojoba oil, in a 1:1 ratio. Rub the mixture into your skin, or spray a few to your garments and hair. you may additionally upload some drops of citronella essential oil in your bath, shampoo, cleaning soap, lotion or body wash.
Internally: eating citronella oil is simplest endorse whilst you’re using a totally super, natural, “healing grade” emblem. you may upload a drop to water or seltzer, or take it as dietary supplement blending it with honey or right into a smoothie. The FDA recognizes it as secure for consumption, but this is best the case in case you buy a natural, unadulterated oil. A superb oil additionally works a lot better for other makes use of like maintaining insects away and recuperation skin.
combine citronella oil with different uplifting crucial oils, which include: geranium oil, orange oil, lemon vital oil, vanilla oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil and eucalyptus oil.

right here are numerous recipes to strive at home the use of citronella crucial oil:

homemade Citronella Oil bug Spray Recipe
as opposed to the usage of conventional recipes and showering your body in dangerous chemical substances, try this selfmade worm spray recipe. further to preserving away insects, it additionally enables kill bacteria and nourish your skin. And in contrast to traditional brands, it smells awesome!

overall Time: 2 minutes

Serves: 30


half of cup witch hazel
half of cup apple cider vinegar
40 drops mixed vital oils (citronella, eucalyptus, lemongrass, tea tree or rosemary)
glass spray bottle

blend all ingredients in 8-ounce spray bottle. Spray over all quantities of the body, however avoid repellent in eyes and mouth.

malicious program-spray
selfmade Hair Conditioner Recipe
home made Muscle Rub Recipe
selfmade frame Wash Recipe
aspect outcomes and Interactions of Citronella Oil

The U.S. Environmental protection employer states that citronella oil has little or no toxicity whilst used as a topical insect repellent on skin. The U.S. meals & Drug administration also considers citronella oil as commonly diagnosed as safe when used topically. In fact, there had been really 0 reports of unfavorable outcomes of subject over a 60-yr length of it legally being used.

like every commercially bought merchandise which are supposed to be applied to human pores and skin, the EPA calls for proper precautionary labeling on a few insect repellents containing citronella so humans recognize the way to safely use it. It’s been proven to be very safe even for children and most people with sensitive pores and skin. nonetheless, it’s a good idea to start off the use of citronella in small quantities and even doing a pores and skin patch check to ensure you don’t have any reactions like allergic reactions, redness, swelling or hives.

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