The Advantages of Using Invisible Braces in Orthodontics

Invisible Braces in Orthodontics

Invisible dental braces are literally the latest innovation in the world of orthodontic treatment. These braces provide with a unique way of teeth alignment. The undetectable braces operate progressively to straighten the uneven teeth by the use of the invisible plastic conforms. The molds are also referred to as aligners. These braces serve as the perfect tool for people who are looking to reposition their crooked teeth while at the same time would like to avoid the usage of conventional metallic braces on their teeth.

An expert orthodontist should be conferred before actually going for these braces. The orthodontist can develop a computerized image of the teeth of the patient for creating a customized invisible tooth that can serve as invisible braces for the straightening of the teeth. This particular 3 dimensional imaging of tooth and the jaw shape of the individual can help the orthodontist in choosing the perfect shape and size of all the unseen aligners. A series of properly shaped crystal clear aligners are made just because each of these successive aligners makes use of a tender pressure to move the teeth in the direction of the correct positioning.

In general, every individual case calls for a specific number of invisible braces. The number of braces applied on a general case of imbalanced teeth is around 18 to 30. Every set of the invisible braces can be easily removed after a period of two weeks. After two weeks, the next set of aligner will be used. The action is conducted as long as it takes the teeth to get set into its ideal position. The use of invisible braces is becoming very popular nowadays as they surely have certain distinct advantages over conventional braces. These braces can fix uneven and crooked sets of enamel quite well. Moreover, they are often preferred by grown up people as wearing conventional braces might seem a tad childish to them. The metallic braces also pose as a problem during brushing, which can be avoided with invisible braces.

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